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Environeeds new website

A new website for mold inspectors Environeeds based in Arlington, TN, they are a top-notch government certified inspection, assessment and consultation business that can clean up mold problems in both your home and business. The site is setup with many graphic images of mold at work in various locations around the Memphis area. It depicts […]

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Bartlett Kitchens website

Setup as a single page website, Bartlett Kitchens does as their name says. The site, however is also setup to expand to additional pages as their capabilities grow (such as adding various kinds of flooring). For now, it is a slideshow displaying what they have done for their customers and can do for you.

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Polish Point Editing website

Polish Point Editing provides quality, personalized services to fiction and non-fiction writers. As a small business owner with a desire to produce professional publications, they accept a few select editing clients monthly. They are passionate about wanting clients to succeed with their books, too. That’s why services also include writing copy for press releases, press […]

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Super Charger SEO website

Jake Beaty owns an SEO business that helps promote his customers optimization on the internet for finding their website. This website helps promote auto dealers and auto sales businesses that want their websites to come up at the top of search engine results.

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Mid-South Transplant Holiday Card

The Mid-South Transplant Foundation takes every year to send out holiday greetings to all of their clients and supporters of organ and tissue donation. This year’s card also depicts the people involved and responsible for running their programs that bring attention to the transplantation program.

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Green Law Firm

Playing catch up with websites I have built recently. This is one from the late fall that I built for the Green Law Firm in Memphis. Brand new website and first one for this Real Estate and Title Insurance law business, it tells visitors about their capabilities and what kind of law they practice as […]

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TN Custom Tag Design

There is a new custom tag design that was done for the Mid-South Transplant Foundation and Tennessee Donor Services. The new tags are available at county clerks offices for those wishing to support and promote being organ and tissue donors.

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SCV Memphis Website

The local chapter of Sons of Confederate Veterans is hosting a reunion in Memphis for July 2017. They needed a new website to reflect all the activities and bookings taking place for area chapters as well as allow visitors to gather information from the site for other interests. The information needed to cover hotel bookings, […]

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Paperback Cover Design

During the process, client discovered the artwork she had would not meet publishing requirements. She approached me to recreate the cover art. What emerged was this redesign that captured elements of the original, but with a new look that met her needs.

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Airdusco EDS New Website

Airdusco EDS website up and running. Airdusco is an industrial dust collection company with many benefits for the industry that has to manage dust in their production facilities. The EDS stands for their engineering and design services where custom made equipment is produced for their various customers to meet government standards for dust collection

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Truck Graphics for Dowden Powersports

Dowden Powersports in Millington has updated their company truck with graphics supporting the exciting things going on in their sports store. A broad racing stripe with their name and supporting brand logos below on the truck sides shows off their sports theme supported by their website and phone number front and rear.

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New Website for Book Author

Jake Beaty has written a new book in conjunction with his dad about their experience in building a log cabin in Washington state. Jake was just a young boy that saw the construction of their home as they learned to live without electricity and running water. Read about his book, “Winter’s Comin’” plus future books […]

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Celebration of Life Invitation

Every year, Mid-South Transplant Foundation honors those who have given the gift of life by an organ donation. What is special about the affair is that many of those who gave did so just after passing this life so that someone else could benefit from their organs. So, the survivors of these organ donors revere […]

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Dowden Powersports in Millington

A new promotional brochure for the folks at Dowden Powersports in Millington, TN to show customers what all they are involved in for the power sports enthusiast. Everything from ATV’s to golf carts to Exmark mowers and PJ trailers as well as motorcycles and scooters, you can find at Dowden.

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New Website:

A print bindery company required a new website to depict and inform customers about their services for finishing of printed material into completed bindery projects. All of their services are listed on the home page as well as detailed information about each of their services inside the site.

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New website: Armour’s Home Inspections

New website for Jeff Armour is a self-employed professionally licensed home inspector for new construction, home maintenance inspections and listing inspections for the home industry. His new site lists his qualifications plus benefits to both buyer and seller as a valuable marketing tool.

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Conference cover-01

Reflexology Association of America

This is the new design for the cover of the 2016 RAA Conference that is being held in Anchorage, Alaska. RAA wanted to depict the city they are to be visiting on the cover along with the sights visitors would see such as the aurora borealis. Also is the new logo design for the conference […]

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25 Best Memphis Web Designers

Received a favorable rating from website as one of Memphis top rated web designers. Added their badge to my website so folks can check out for themselves the rating given Watson Design. Visit the site shown below:

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New Website: HealRite Technologies, LLC

Brand new website for the makers of a wondrous healing cream: HealRite Wound & Skin Treatment. Their aim is to prevent scarring in wound care and following their recommendations, it works quite well. Read about their wound care information as well as testimonials from people who have actually had excellent results with the product. Bright, […]

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Rebel in Petticoats website update

To add more flavor to Nancy Gentry’s website, representing the Civil War, was completed recently with a new look to her existing website. Her books were written as a teaching tool for middle school children, all works of fiction but based on actual events during our country’s war between the states. Nostalgic photos from the […]

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HKC’s all new website

Hal Kaufman Company has been around a while, but needed a definite upgrade to the website. With a completely new look, their new website helps promote their business as the full service premium incentive company they are. Clean, easy to read graphics along with many of their representative brands that they promote for factory direct […]

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DSI Warehouse & Storage website

All new website for DSI Warehouse & Storage showing their capabilities in distribution & fulfillment as well as pick & pack, assembly, kitting, container handling and fulfillment capabilities using state-of-the-art technology for product storage and shipping.

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Vetcare Wound Dressing label

Vetcare came out with a new product for wounds on horses and pets. It allows you to peel open the foil pack that contains a pre-ointment impregnated gauze bandage to be applied to an open wound for quick and easy wound care. The label design reflects those qualities on the package label as well as […]

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Hal Kaufman Company new logo design

Now known as HKC, Hal Kaufman Company was seeking a new look that represents their sales efforts in premiums and incentives for businesses. Going with blue and black and gray colors, a new business card was designed for the company to promote their youthful ambition in their market. A new website was also brought online […]

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IMC Companies wall graphics

Memphis’ IMC Companies office had a large wall graphic done depicting the drivers who helped get the national trucking business its start. They are honored on the wall in standoff plaques with their names and start dates. A large plaque telling the story is to the left of the truck style used in their business. […]

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Clay & Land pocket folder

It has been 4 years since Clay and Land had updated their pocket folder for their insurance companies. Taking a more subdued look, it shows the graphics in all blue with a ghosted abstract background design making up the outside cover and pocket on the inside.

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